Biohazard Removal Companies:  Combatting Fraud in the Darkest of Times


Date:  Friday December 10, 2021 10:00 AM

By: Attorney Tim Tapply

Location: Virtual Webinar

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Description: Across the country we see a morally disgusting trend emerging.  Imagine that after a person has passed away in their home a cleaning vendor is brought into the home under the guise of needing to do biohazard remediation to clean the property.  However, the biohazard companies use aggressive tactics and get insureds or the family of the deceased to sign an overly burdensome and one-sided contract.  The staff are trained specifically on how to take advantage of people by forcing them to sign the contracts without reading them.  Then the companies come in and conduct extensive demolition (far beyond the scope of actual damage) and massively overcharge for the service.  They regularly charge $200 - $300 dollars per hour per employee, claiming them to be trained and certified.  They charge that rate from the moment they arrive until they depart.  But on those hourly rates, they charge administrative fees without basis, charge for setting up, tearing down, creating a “path of extraction”, for each piece of PPE, charge separately for every tool used, and then charge cleaning fees for those tools – all the while continuing to run the hourly labor rate.  We’ve developed evidence through targeted investigations wherein metadata from photographs does not support the time of arrival or departure, insureds confirm they did not use the equipment for which they charge, they were not called nor did they come after hours or on weekends (despite the invoice reflecting as much), and the companies have no evidence (i.e. waste manifests) to support the work they did, why they did it, or what they removed.  From an SIU perspective, the potential for dollars saved is tremendous.  These companies are getting paid millions each year by the larger insurers when, in reality, their invoices should be a fraction of what they’ve charged.  This training focuses on identifying the fraud and developing an investigation plan to combat these invoices. 



Timothy W. Tapply, founder and managing partner of Brand & Tapply, LLC, represents insurance clientele in all phases of first and third-party coverage and litigation. Brand & Tapply, LLC specializes in combating suspect claims throughout the United States in virtually all lines of insurance. Mr. Tapply has trial experience before state and federal courts in complex coverage litigation, automobile, commercial and homeowner fraud and arson cases, as well as medical provider, bad faith and extra-contractual liability matters. Mr. Tapply is actively involved in the insurance industry’s education efforts and has served as a panelist and lecturer at seminars and conferences sponsored by international, national and local insurance organizations.

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